Become a School House

better Host Families for better language and cultural full immersions


Thank you for caring and sharing.


Why become a homestay host family for international students with us: a "School House"?

  1. It is free to sign up
  2. You are free to choose when and who to host
  3. Meet interesting people
  4. It is easy to set up and manage (as having one's own child, but well paid)
  5. Make money


Our policy: No co-nationals / same language


As a Host family you may host up to 4 students at any given time.

We require our School Houses NOT to host students of the same nationality / language, so for example do not accept our Italian students if you have an Italian guest at home on any of those days, if you have a Colombian, don't accept a Spanish student.

When students themselves explicitly ask to share, you may accept the two and others too, even if or the same nationality / language (as for 14 and 15 year old students coming in pairs).


What do students/parents expect as included in the price? 


Before arrival:

  • accept or decline requests by students asking for availability (not with another email or text but clicking on the buttons provided “accept” or “decline”);
  • receive a phone call from the accepted student few days before their arrival (eg. prompt for a call if they only send an email/message).


For their stay:

  • pick up (usually on a weekend day) and drop off (usually on a weekend day) your student(s) in town at a stop served by the airport shuttle;
  • spend a weekend day with the students, doing anything, something possibly nice, with them;
  • provide full board accommodation: breakfast, lunch or packed lunch and dinner (good food); a clean room and house;
  •  dedicated five 30 minute time, “conversation sessions”, from Monday to Friday, speaking about their first day at work,, it will help you better understand the work placements scheme too. Other classical topics: family and friends, cultural differences, sports, culture, the royal family, TV...


You should, in general:

  • be kind and helpful, for example explaining bus routes, how to sign up to the local gym and so on
  • follow the specifications on the portal;
  • bear in mind “Teacher accompanying the students” is representative of our clients, not a member of our organisation, so they should be assisted accordingly and perceive everything is fine, that is contact us immediately to solve any issues, not them.

We will be there for you all along, from setting up, vetting, to training as well as providing assistance in any case before, during and after a student's stay, both remotely and locally.



You will be offered a fixed amount per week per student (i.e. twice as much for a twin share), for the minimum standard of services to be provided aforementioned.

On top of this fixed amount, you may offer more time to your Students, more of which here under, for example:

  • £200 per week for 10 hours of dedicated time, they may be simple conversation (students seek for speaking practice), we will help;
  • £300 per week for 15 hours of dedicated time, usually for when you have 2 or more student;
  • £250 per week for afternoon "CLIL" activities (anything educational done speaking in English).

These costs are shared among students sharing the same School House / of the same school group

For example, considering a fixed weekly amount of £240 per student, providing morning conversation and afternoon activities you could make £690 a week for an individual student or £930 a week in case of a twin share 

Admission tickets, transport and other extra costs, of activities are paid on top of what you charge. For example if playing bowling costs £10, students pay this directly to the bowling centre. Note: if an activity you agree with the student requires the host to take part, at a cost, the student pays also for the extta costs for the host.


Who makes the payments

We have two forms of payment, both are made within the first Friday of the student’s stay.

  • Paid by us, when the students are part of a school group, paying their agent or secondary school.
  • Paid directly by students.



Optional services


Morning "lessons"

These may actually be done in the morning or afternoon, suggested times are 9.30 am to 10.30 am, half hour break, and again 11.00 am to 12.00 am from Monday to Friday when students ask for 10 hours a week, from 9.00 am to 10.30 am, break, and again 11.00 am to 12.30 am when students ask for a total of 15 hours a week. 

Check this dedicated page for more details about them


Afternoon Activities

Every afternoon and weekend day we will go visiting and doing activities together. If students work part-time, please arrange according to the work schedule, if students are going to have lessons and activities, have the first in the morning and the latter in the afternoons.

Check this dedicated page for more details about them


14-15 year old students in accompanied groups

The main differences with work-experience students:

  • we recommend a twin share experience;

  • students will opt for morning lessons;

  • students will be looking for afternoon activities (full time with School House host), or to go to a local sports centre, where you should assist in the subscription or to have free time.


Work placements (Over 16)


Many students will make their choices and send a request to your School House also according to the distance to their workplaces, that is you may consider helping us find work placements near your house. 

Here is a useful link to share with local businesses and organisations, bars and cafes are most requested, charity shops are mostly happy to have our students, but as we serve all kinds of skools, we have many skills involved: IT specialists, graphic designers, translators, technicians, hairdressers and so on,.


What to write in your Listings

On www.learn-in-a-flash.com / www.work-realted-learning.com paid listings (yours) are shown together with unpaid work experiences (by local organisations). Please browse to see what is currently available and understand how it works.

Lastly, you  may want to read our 10 tips to be successful.

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