School Houses - Tips to be successful

Tips to be successful

  1. Be as detailed and accurate as possible: complete all parts of the forms provided. We provide useful language. 
  2. Take wonderful pictures: here some tips
    1. or ask someone skilled. Requesting our visit will include a photo-gallery production.
  3. Set competitive prices: you can manage prices directly or through FLASH (at no cost), expand/improve services to make more money
  4. Pick your clients: set automatic limits or simply verify Student Gueststhrough messaging and social media (better through FLASH to preserve your privacy)
  5. Reply quickly to messages and requests: do you like to wait?
  6. Engagement: if you can’t make it to an appointment, fulfil a duty, make sure your Student Guests has an alternative
  7. Be a tidy organiser: keep up to your promises to get positive feedback, tuition, pick up, dietary, activity arrangements must be met. Print/save properly our confirmation email which contain all the info but remember to add any other direct agreements
  8. Make clear arrangements, for example for payments, for example for extra dedicated conversation time, which are made directly by Student Guests;
  9. Check your standards - Act and Host responsibly! Safety! -

Hospitality! Check where the Student Guests come from and read his or her profile to understand cultural and individual differences.