Responsibilities - Check your standards - Act and Host Responsibly

Act and Host Responsibly

Take this seriously:

Teaching, hosting and meeting people may be a great experience, a pleasure and lucrative but it is also engaging: organisation and know-how require time and effort.

Safety first:

How to make accommodation and stay safe:

In general (you should do this for your own safety anyway):

Keep a first aid kit in an appropriate place and show where to find it.

Place a smoke detector in your house.

Make an evacuation plan and place small extinguishers in your property.

Systems and appliances checked and safe

Clearly indicate any possible cause of injury like low ceilings, hidden steps, missing handrails on stairs.

Lock up any dangerous thing.

Exits should be clearly marked on your School House planimetry and shown to guests on arrival

In case of Emergency:

Provide Contacts, among other Local Amenities you believe useful, of Health care services, Police, Fire-fighters.

Provide emergency numbers.

Make sure it is clear how to act in case of emergency.

Take note of Client’s phone number(s) and emergency contacts provided by them.

Make sure they take or have taken note of them, possibly on their phones.

Upon arrival:

After the aforementioned you should also consider safety of any object about, sockets, wires, cupboards, drawers. Warn about any existing fault upon arrival.

Check your air conditioning systems and that explain how heating can be adjusted upon request or in autonomy.

Show how doors, windows, appliances and equipments should be used. You will be surprised on how different cultures have no idea of what you see as utterly normal and easy to use. You will find out a classical example is the shower.


Comply with rules and regulations, of your building, local administrations, Regional, National and International, including for example on smoking, parking, communal areas, noise, animals.


You should consider, other than our Terms and Conditions, local, national and international laws, standards and regulations regarding teaching and the services you provide (ie. number of students you can hold), accommodating (for example age allowed, number of people for example 4 in the UK to be considered home, tenancy contracts) and organising a business (for example how to pay tax, income levels at which to declare your activity). You may need specific devices such as smoke detectors or an evacuation  procedure in place, warn about surveillance cameras or you may have to displace them.

Hereunder a list of possible things you may need to consider:


Permits and registrations for teaching and accommodating


Our school students on Work Related Learning Program are covered with their State School Insurance on their work premises. Other clients are not forced to purchase any insurance. Feel free to ask for yours to have one, for example at least for damages to third parties.


The Site is a portal listing services provided by its users, we cannot verify the truthfulness of all the content as this will be uploaded by persons using the website and not by us or our staff. The services are provided by persons who will be responsible for the correctness and complete satisfaction of their clients we have assisted in getting in touch with.


This info should be listed in your rules you may feel appropriate. Consider always adding that the only language to be spoken be to target language and that any communication home should be in writing and possibly in the target language. Remind Students of the importance of doing so for their improvement.


Consider writing feedback appropriately as you will be held liable of any damaging comments, feel free to criticize and give a negative feedback but beware of language used.

Please do provide feedback every time as this will enhance likelihood of other bookings and visibility on the web, positive feedback as well as positive and constructive criticism will be useful and welcome.