Offer Work Experience

Curricular Traineeships: unpaid work placements by 16 to 19 year old international students. We run a free to use student traineeship programme marketplace.


Students from over 30 high schools - many skills involved


We have created a special marketplace where you may list unpaid work experience placements for international students aged 16 or over. Here our first interviews with local Work Tutors who have tried our Scheme: AndyAlex and Grace; so from a helping hand to a near pro graphics designer, IT specialist, chef or skilled technician, they only lack experience but are sure interested if taking part: away form home, friends and out of their comfort zone, applying to the jobs they find appeling.

Students apply, you may see their profiles, message them, accept or decline the applicants.


Nursery and Primary school teacher assistants


We have worked with many nurseries and primary schools, as references: Ms Sarah Fielding and Ms Tracey Harlin. Students usually help in arranging and tidying up, in small groups or individually with the best or the worst in the class. Sure boosting curiosity, peer education and multiculturality.


Bar and restaurant service is a popular sector

We have later interviewed Work Tutors who have taken students working in Cafès, bars, restaurants and Pubs: JamesAlexLucyLal and Caroline among the first. Thanks to the wide range of choices students apply only to work placements they wish for; please clearly specify any work which will be manual and if, according to their English and other skills, they may take orders and interact more or less with clients.


 We have managed over 500 work placements so far in Nottingham

Work is unpaid and insured by the schooling system which also runs health and safety courses in compliance with European and UK laws. furthermore Traineeships in the UK are covered by your Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance. If you run a charity and students come as volunteers you must provide your volunteer form


Students seek for this opportunity, we do not “send students”


Students are committed as they have to sustain accommodation, flight and transport costs, moreover your evaluation will count towards a school mark for them, furthermore students will be away from friends and family and completely responsive to requests made by the “Work Tutor”, last but not least they pick and send their applications, we do not send anyone, so you know they want to do what you offer in your job description


Join the community

Here is what we have running in Nottingham. www.work-related-learning.com
To add an unpaid work experience offer simply click on "Join Now" in our homepage and select "NEW Organisation / Work Tutor" when asked. There you will be forwarded to fill in Organisation details and provide a job description. Once approved by our Admin office you may get student applications.


Take the students you like 

When a student applies you will be notified via email, thereafter you may see the student’s profile, message, accept or decline the applicant. If you accept, the system will generate all the paperwork, in compliance with EU and UK laws, precompiled ready for signature, the students will bring a hard copy signed by their Headmaster, School Tutor, and a Parent if under 18. 
We are available to assist you via a convenient video call, or other media, or even in person during our next visit to your town/city.